Star Impact Classic Football Shoe Review

The Star Impact Classic is one of the beginner football studs from Star Impact that are meant for the soft ground. The Classic sports a PU leather in milky white color with highlights in light orange. The shoe is overall a well priced football shoe starting at around INR 550. We got ours from a local sports shop for INR 500. Check with your local dealers and they might be able to give you some discount.

The old model of the Star Impact Classic or Sega Classic sported the same milky white color but with light teal highlights which we preferred more if we are being honest here.

Star Impact Classic Football Shoe in Milky White and Orange color

Color Combinations

The Classic is also available in another color combination – Black with highlights in Green. We prefer the white one for its sublime look over the black one.

Shoe Sole and Stud 

The Star Impact Classic comes with a TPU sole. The studs are a typical rectangle shaped TPU stud pattern offered by Star Impact on their other football shoes. Frankly, we are not really a fan of this stud pattern. The official description reads ‘Multi Directional TPU Studs For Super Ground Grip’ and while it is not extremely bad in terms of ground grip it isn’t topping the charts either.

Star Impact Classic Football Shoe TPU Sole and Studs
Star Impact Classic with TPU Sole and Studs

Problems with the Classic

Also, we have personally seen loads of the studs on these shoes getting broken over some time. Do keep in mind, we used to play pretty much everyday on hard ground which is not what this shoe is probably meant for. Nevertheless, we have seen a fair share of the middle stud on this shoe tore away.

Another issue that we have seen with the Classic is that with daily use, the shoes get torn near the toes and ball of the foot area. This is somewhat common with most of the starting level shoes. What can we say – you get what you pay for.

Final verdict

The Sega Classic doesn’t offer you a lot of durability, nor grip on the ground. The only small positive it has that the shoe is designed slim and wraps around your feet well.

Overall, the Star Impact Classic (a.k.a Sega Classic) is just an average football boot that doesn’t excel at any particular aspect. We think there are other options in this price range that you should consider.


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